Regulatory Compliance Testing Results

Lab Results

We are very proud to display all of our product’s test results. Every single batch we produce is tested by a reputable 3rd party lab for the following:

1. Cannabinoid Profile & Potency
2. Elemental Analysis (Heavy Metals & Nutrient/Soil Testing)
3. Microbiological Contaminants
4. Pesticide Analysis
5. Analysis of Foreign Materials
6. Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (Residual Solvents)

The lab results are listed below in order, starting with the most recent batch.

COA - BATCH CLK1019001 11.11.19

COA – BATCH CLK1019001 11-15-19

COA - BATCH CLC1620001 3.30.20

COA – BATCH CLC1620001 3.30.20

COA BATCH CL-E0920002 5.15.20

COA BATCH CL-E0920002 5.15.20