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dreamt is a science-backed sleep aid made with cannabis.

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Named ‘Best New Product’ Weedcon 2020

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finally, the sleep you deserve

  • Better sleep brightens your mood, improves your overall health, and helps you be your best self.
  • dreamt is the first cannabis company to focus its R&D entirely on harnessing the plant’s potential for sleep.
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Sleep Apnea Patient sleeping on memory foam bed in Los Angeles after using dreamt cannabis sleep aid product

cannabis formulated by science

  • dreamt’s formula is a precise blend of THC, CBD, melatonin, valerian root and sleep-inducing terpenes.
  • Our chemists combined their extensive knowledge of cannabis science and sleep aid pharmacology to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep for a full night.
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Sleep effects of valerian root and melatonin and Terpenes and cannabis in dreamt cannabis product compared to REM cycles

“dreamt is the culmination of my research in chemistry, my experiences in cannabis science and my personal battle with sleeplessness.”

Carolina Vazquez Mitchell posing for dreamt sleep aid Biography in Los Angeles, California
Carolina Vazquez Mitchell Chief Scientist

Reviews they dreamt

“I love dreamt. It’s a game changer for getting a great night’s sleep. I fell asleep 10 minutes after dosing and stayed asleep all night. Thank you!”

Helen, 45

“I’ve taken Ambien for years, first as a last-resort but then almost nightly. dreamt helped me cut it out of my sleep routine almost entirely. I’m calmer, more authentically rested and energetic than I’ve ever been in the morning.”

Alan, 35

“It felt like being wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket. I loved it.”

Michelle, 29

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