Introducing dreamt’s sleep tincture

by Jannise Babbush, PhD
June 26, 2020

The wait is over! The dreamt team is delighted to announce that our 30-night cannabis sleep tincture (150mg THC, 60mg CBD) is available in dispensaries and delivery services throughout our home state of California.

dreamt’s sleep tincture is a discrete form factor designed for those with problems falling and staying asleep. The 2oz tincture contains THC (5mg per dose), CBD (2mg per dose), MCT oil, alcohol, melatonin, valerian root and terpenes, and is sugar-free, carbohydrate-free and gluten-free.

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Since launching back in December 2019, a lot of people reached out to us asking if and when there would be an alternative to our 45-night sleep pen. Given the concerns surrounding COVID-19, some people wanted an alternative to inhalables, and our cannabis sleep tincture is designed to bring restorative sleep in an affordable, easy-to-dose and orally ingestible form.

“I am excited to bring this tincture to the market. The formula is incredibly effective, and the feedback that we have received from our early users has been very encouraging.”

Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, dreamt’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer

“It was always our plan to adapt dreamt’s formula to fit a variety of consumption preferences, we fast-tracked the development of our tincture on account of COVID-19,” adds Vazquez Mitchell. “We can see the public looking for affordable, non-inhalable ways to consume, and a lot of people are turning to cannabis to help them sleep. Our tincture is designed specifically to meet the public where they are right now.”


how the dreamt cannabis tincture works

dreamt’s precise formula helps to restore a natural balance to your sleep by bringing together a variety of proven sleep-inducing compounds in a precise formulation. 

The ingredients have a staggered onset, with the cannabinoids acting quickly to initiate sleep, while the melatonin, valerian root and terpenes work throughout the night. 

Unlike many other oil-based cannabis tinctures, we incorporated alcohol into our formulation to increase the rate of absorption and create a tincture that is fast-acting as well as being long-lasting.


dreamt and REM sleep

THC and CBD help increase deep sleep but are known to interfere with REM sleep. Our sleep tincture includes ingredients like melatonin, valerian root, and terpenes that help increase REM sleep, and thus bring balance to the formula and give you a nourishing, restorative sleep.

tincture facts

  • Approximately 30 night’s sleep (2oz)
  • Fast acting, long lasting, great tasting
  • Sugar-free, carbohydrate-free and gluten-free
  • Discrete and easy-to-dose
  • Contains THC (150mg), CBD (60mg), MCT oil, alcohol, melatonin, valerian root and terpenes

dreamt’s 30 night sleep tincture is available at dispensaries and delivery services throughout California. You can find a full list of retailers here. If your local store isn’t carrying dreamt, contact us at and we will reach out to them.


about dreamt

dreamt is an award-winning sleep aid made with cannabis. Our science-backed formulas are a precise blend of THC, CBD, and other natural sleep-inducing compounds, such as melatonin, valerian root, and L-theanine. dreamt is designed to tackle a variety of sleep problems by helping users fall asleep quickly and enjoy a full night’s rest.

dreamt’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer Carolina Vazquez Mitchell is a nationally recognized cannabis scientist, and has been a featured expert in Rolling Stone, HelloGiggles, mg and Forbes, and was named one of Dope Magazine’s “Outstanding Women in Cannabis.”

Our all-in-one vape pen was called “one of the year’s most useful innovations” by Vice, and won ‘Best New Product’ at Weedcon 2020.

dreamt is a female-owned, social equity business based in Los Angeles.